The most common form of Mystery shopping is the Standard Compliance Check. This enables immediate monthly assessment of the client's environment in general. Any improvement can easily be monitored on a month to month basis. The Standard Compliance Check is also available with a Comments Based Section attached. This requires shoppers' written interpretation of events in store in addition to the standardised questions.


The third form of Mystery Shopping is the Tailored Mystery Shop. This is a comprehensive form of evaluating store and staff performance, and is designed entirely around your companies’ expectations, regulations and protocol. This form of Mystery Shopping is an extremely effective means of systems evaluation within a company, and can directly measure the effectiveness in the establishment of prior staff training, product knowledge and company procedures.

Telephone Mystery Shopping is an effective way of measuring the sales ability of front line staff. By following a pre determined report, the assessor will interact with the employee, and then evaluate the employees' performance against retail standards.

Telephone mystery shopping will establish whether your team is:

  • Asking the correct questions and identifying the caller's needs.
  • Giving information to create desire in your service or products.
  • Building a rapport and relating to the caller.
  • Turning the caller into a customer.

Telephone Mystery Shopping Evaluations are an ideal management tool to use when coaching and training your team.

Competitor Analysis Reporting is the practice of deliberately using information about your competitors to understand what factors may impact your company's ability to succeed in each given area of business. Basically, it compares how YOU stack up vs. your rivals. Our Competitor Analysis Reports offer unbiased feedback and can be used to focus on key areas of business where the competitor may have an advantage.

Benchmarking/Price Comparison is the process of comparing products, services or prices between competitors. This information is helpful when clients want to find out what their key competitors are doing, how they are selling or what distinctions they have over them. Mystery Shop Network NZ then provides this raw information to the client for evaluation.

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