Successful business is about making the right impression up front. Researchers tell us that we have 10 seconds at best to make that first impression on a customer. For that reason, everything must be spot on – your external appearance, inside the premises, your staff's appearance and involvement, the products and the sale transaction.mysteryshopnetworknewzealand4

At every stage, first impressions count.

Successful businesses need to monitor what they are doing. If something is not measured, it is not managed. Not only do they need to measure within their own business, but also against other businesses in their sector - especially the leaders in their field.

The secret of success for the great majority of businesses is to increase gross and net profits in their existing business. As well as attempting to increase the number of customers, businesses find an effective approach is to retain and sell more products to their existing client base. In order to achieve this, companies must rely on effective staff to represent them.

This is where Mystery Shop Network NZ can help you.

Mystery Shop Network New Zealand provides services designed to effectively evaluate business performance. Mystery Shopping keeps staff constantly challenged and gives the business manager the peace of mind that constant, unequivocal feedback is continuously being received. It is one of the cleverest tools that all businesses should use.

Mystery shopping has become an accepted and effective means of evaluating the customer's experience within a business. It provides unannounced, anonymous shoppers and records their experience on pre-determined reports. Strategically, it is an excellent way of identifying customer service strengths and weaknesses and, as a result, this process can then be used to coach and develop a team and optionally reward staff for exceptional performance.

Mystery Shop Network New Zealand offers the following standard services, each with its own benefits.

  • Standard Compliance Check Mystery Shop – Ten Check Starter Package
  • Standard Compliance Check /with Notes – Ten Check Starter Package
  • Tailored Compliance Check Mystery Shop – Ten Check Starter Package
  • Telephone Mystery Shopping
  • Competitor Analysis Reporting
  • Bench Marking/Price Comparison


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Remember ... it takes months to find a customer, seconds to lose one!