The process of implementing a Mystery Shopping Programme is new for many clients. Generally we recommend the following steps after establishing initial contact: mysteryshopnetworknewzealand3

  • We provide you with some generic material which scopes the services available
  • Then we meet with you and discuss the reasons behind your enquiry and what are your expectations of us and a survey programme, we also provide further information on our services.
  • We discuss the desired outcome and how you will apply the information that you gain about your business (or your competitors)
  • A Non-disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement binding upon both parties is signed at this stage before further detailed information can be made available.
  • A recommended programme is then provided in writing to you with budgetary estimates for your consideration and approval in principle. We often provide secure web site access on a demonstration basis to allow you to gain a sound understanding of what you receive for your investment.
  • The formal proposal is refined as required to reach a final programme specification and firm costs. This process includes the finalisation of Survey Forms which we develop in conjunction with you and your department managers as appropriate.
  • An Agreement for Service is signed and the work commences as agreed. Typically, secure web site logon details are provided for clients at this stage so they can monitor progress and review reports as completed.
  • As specified in the Service Agreement reporting is provided, possibly at stages or upon completion.
  • We meet again after the completion of the project and review the results and deliverables. The next steps can then be discussed.


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